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Journeyman Meat Co.

Handmade salumi sourced, cut, cured, and seasoned in Sonoma County, California.


All of our meat products, handcrafted in our USDA Salumificio and production kitchen, are available for purchase at our butcher shop in downtown Healdsburg. Our online store offers salumi and logo-wear while our Salumi Club members enjoy quarterly shipments and opt-ins for our bacon shipments.

Here’s a glimpse of what we offer.


Our Salumi selections include:
Sonoma Bianco (Italian dry salame with chardonnay, rosemary, & sage)
Sonoma Rosso (Italian dry salame with red wine, pepper & fennel)
Finocchiona (Italian dry salame with fennel, fennel seed & fennel pollen)
Chorizo (Spanish-style salame with sweet paprika & red pepper)
Calabrian (Italian dry salame with Calabrian chile, red pepper & red wine)
Il Pio (Italian dry salame with chardonnay, garlic, and spices)
Parmigiano & Porcini (Italian dry salame with Parmesan cheese & porcini mushrooms)
Fattoria (Sicilian-style salame with paprika, orange peel, & chiles)
Soppressata (large-diameter salame made with red wine, garlic & pepper)

Smoked & Fresh Sausage

Our smoked sausage selections include: 
Smoked Andouille (Louisiana-style)
The Triple  (Cheddar IPA Beer Brat) 
Hot Italian Sausage
Bacon Beet Brat

Our fresh sausage selections include: 
Breakfast Links
Terrona (fresh Sicilian-style sausage with parmesan cheese)
Avi di Seghesio (Italian sausage made according to a cherished family recipe)
Il Bustino (hot sicilian)
Bacon Bratwurst
Sonoma Hot Link 


Our Bacon selections include:
Brown Sugar
Barrel Bacon
Aged Pancetta

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